Tips for selling iPhone 4 for More Money

Selling iPhone 4 is a process. You need tips that will act like your guide when selling the device. Remember that there are many people that are selling their devices. Therefore, you need to be smart in presenting your device for sale. Apple announces the release of the latest iPhone version almost every year. Whenever this announcement is about to be made or has been made, more people offer their devices for sale. As such, it is important that you sell your iPhone 4 at the right time. This is precisely before more people start offering their devices for sale. Our experts provide important tips to guide you in the process of selling your iPhone 4.

Do not procrastinate

The previous iPhone version falls in its value by up to five percent following the announcement that Apple will release a new version in the first week. This figure increases by even twelve percent in the next week. This trend can continue reach twenty percent within a month. As such, if you have made a decision to sell your iPhone 4, do not delay. Act quickly and sell your iPhone 4 to get more money from it.

Sell an unlocked iPhone

If your contract with AT &T for instance has ended, get an unlock page for the iPhone 4 that you want to sell. This page has all the details that you need to unlock the device. When you unlock your iPhone 4, you will ask for a higher price than when you sell a locked iPhone 4. You will also attract more prospects regardless of the platform that you use to sell your iPhone. It is also important that you know its iOS version. This is because more people will want to know the specific firmware of your device in order to jailbreak it. Thus, unlocking your device and identifying its iOS version before you sell it will have a significant impact on its value.

Come up with an impressive description of your iPhone 4

Most people will decide whether to buy your device or not depending on the description that you provide for it. Most people are image conscious when purchasing Apple devices. This is because they want to invest in a device that is in good condition. Therefore, take time to come up with a good description of your device including its recent photos. Make sure that prospects get a clear knowledge of what exactly they are about to purchase or pay for.

Decide whether you need a gift card or cash

There are sellers that offer gift cards to sellers who want to purchase new iPhones. These are more liberal and they aim at attracting more buyers of old devices. Therefore, compare the gift card’s value and the cash that you will get for your device if you sell it for cash. This way, you can determine whether to take a gift card or cash. Nevertheless, following these tips will making selling iPhone 4 for most money easier.

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